Bend Design Center

We are offering the best referral words can convey for Johanan Gates at WebTrac for Web design and SEO support. Our business grew well for years due to our unique design work, excellent customer service and follow through but we were unsupported for years with our poor website and basically unseen by the buying public except for client referrals.

Our difficulties were not knowing how or what to do to be seen on the web. Clients could not even find our address on the web. We did have advice from many companies on how to fix this, but nothing worked and at one point we were not even on the first 4 pages of any search results. We also had no idea that 95% of our clients looked for us on their phones not laptops. Our site was not easily opened on smart phones so we had no presence in the mobile world.

A good friend offered to introduce us to Joe but he did not know if Joe had time to add us as clients. We met and he agreed to help us.

This was the turning point in our business. Not only are we “seen” now but our Google ranking and in my own terms “Google seeing us” has gone to the top.

Clients search for, find us, view our photos and contact us. Some of our photos have been viewed over 400 times and we have sold designs from the interest these photos gained.

We would be happy to speak to you about our experiences with WebTrac anytime. Burk at Bend Design Center 541 330 0146

Sun Scape Window Tinting

Sunscape Window Tinting has been utilizing WebTrac services since 2010. Joe has built us a website that continuously gets compliments and with his help we have had great success keeping at the top of google. I would strongly recommend Joe and WebTrac services.

Owners Shelby & Doug

Mitchell Media

"I have had the great fortune to work with Joe from WebTrac.

Please let me say up front that I am not always the easiest person to work with when it comes to design and production. That being said, Joe has met and exceeded my expectations with his:

  • Design skills
  • Subtle and effective suggestions
  • Willingness to make changes in mid-stream
  • Easy going nature

I look forward to working with Joe on my next project. Please feel free to contact me with regards my experiences with WebTrac."

Mitchell Media, LLC
Tom Mitchell
Kapaau, HI 96755